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Engineering, construction and infrastructure

With persuasive experience in turnkey projects, international or domestic, WAT & LAW conducts cross analysis of each file by considering the interests at stake including commercial, financial, technical issues to deliver ingenious legal solutions.

Because the lawyer of WAT & LAW built her experience alongside the financial as well as the operational managers, WAT & LAW takes part to the structuring of your projects by providing a global expertise including:

  • Project finance and securities
  • Public procurement and competition
  • Planning and authorizations
  • Environment law – H&S
  • Contract law: PFI/PPP, EPC, FIDIC, NEC3, BOOT...
  • Subcontracting
  • Network, distribution, operation and maintenance of installations
  • Industrial property: from mere license to transfer of technology
  • Guarantees, insurance and liabilities
  • Mediation, arbitration and litigation

Inexhaustible source of queries, the law of water encompasses public law, environment law, contract law, insurance, public-private partnerships in all its meanings in the fields listed below. The services delivered to institutional organizations, industrial and construction firm enabled to develop an expertise and command of strategic issues relating to blue gold in order to find win-win solutions within agreements resulting therefrom in France and worldwide.

The expertise of WAT & LAW in the field of consumption of water ranges from capture to desalinization, storage, transport, distribution, pollution, waste water treatment and regeneration.
Beyond consumption, WAT & LAW give advises and assist in the following areas:

  • Public fluvial domain and maritime domain
  • Maritime laws
  • Offshore wind
  • Coastline law
  • Port law
  • Shipping law
  • Operation of ocean, protection and safeguarding of marine environment
  • Hydro energy : desalinization plant, hydro power plant
  • Environment law and related responsibilities and liabilities
  • Mediation, arbitration and litigation

The energy and natural resources department deals with all legal issues from extraction of natural resources to distribution of energy. WAT & LAW assists, advises and acts for investors, groups or niche players as well as concessionary authorities across the full spectrum of energy-related activities: minerals, wind farms, biomass, photovoltaic, hydro or nuclear power plants, as well as oil and gas

The services of WAT & LAW encompass:

Counsel and assistance relating to:

  • Implementation and legal monitoring in all of the aforementioned sectors
  • Tendering in national or international public procurements
  • Project structuring including analysis of its feasibility to risk management
  • Impact assessment – natural and industrial risks related thereto with related liabilities
  • Review of application for authorization to extraction, construction and operation

Drafting, negotiation of contractual documentation relating to:

  • Land management
  • Project structuring: consortium, SPV, JV...
  • Contracts:
    • BOT/BOOT, PFI/PPP, EPC/IPP, FIDIC, MF, NEC, JCT, concessions...
    • JOA, Production and sharing agreement, drilling contract..
    • Grid connection
    • Operation, maintenance or long term service agreements
    • Purchase and sale agreement
    • Decontamination and reinstatement of site
  • Transaction management within acquisition or sale of activity
  • Provision or calling for bonds, guarantees
  • Advocacy within settlement of disputes in French, European jurisdictions, ICSID arbitration, ICC or UNCITRAL

Resolutely addressing business areas related to the development and the enhancement of natural resources exploitation, WAT & LAW advises and supports its clients in their responsible process through their actions of sponsorship, foundations as well as organizations dedicated to the environment, health, education and art.

With regard to societies, WAT & LAW counsels and assists:

  • On the creation of an association : detailed definition of the subject, drafting of the articles and organizing the governance
  • On the opportunity to apply for the charity status
  • On the application for subsidies and compliance with the related obligations
  • On the legal monitoring of the association

Concerning the foundations, WAT & LAW counsels and assists corporate foundations, endowment funds, public benefit foundations:

  • On the drafting and implementation of their governance
  • Drafting of the partnership agreement together with control of compliance with the deed of endowment
  • On the drafting and setting up of the file relating to the application for the relevant status
  • Legal monitoring of the day to day activity of the foundation

WAT & LAW assists and represents associations as well as foundations within settlement of disputes - notably animal protection organisations.

As an extension of its interventions, WAT & LAW acts as an agent in real estate transactions. WAT & LAW secures transactions relating to:

  • Prestigious properties
  • Stud farm and equestrian properties
  • Vineyard
  • Forest ownership

Because she combines her skills in counseling and litigation, the lawyer of WAT & LAW and her professional network ensure rigorously and conscientiously:

  • Counsel to put properties for sale or for rent
  • Arranging the visits
  • Due diligence of the real estate (information, counseling, control of the property and the co-contractor)
  • Negotiation, drafting and registering of the deeds

Retaining lawyers of WAT & Law is having the following guarantees:

  • No conflict of interests by acting for one party only to the transaction
  • Strict respect of confidentiality
  • Legal strength of the so called « acte d’avocat » : preliminary sale agreement, deed of sale
  • Deposit of the price on a dedicated account CARPA with financial guarantee in case of non provision of the funds
  • A significant civil liability insurance